Friday, August 23, 2013

Continuing on...

So yesterday I outlined the past and sort of brought you up to date.  Except not quite...

I let you off at my family reunion in July, which was one of my milestones.  Let me back up again to fill you in on some more information.

My mom and I spoke way back in March about specific goals and how we would achieve them.  At that time I stated that I had 3 weight goals.  My first BIG goal was to get below 200 lbs, which would require me to lose 60 lbs.  My second goal is to get to 175, my lightest weight since I've had children.  Lastly, my doctor told me I should be able to get to 150 lbs with perseverance...

We also decided to take our measurements on a monthly basis so that when the scale slowed down or plateaued we would still have an objective means of measuring our progress and see positive results.

My initial measurements (taken on April 2nd, 2013):
Bust:  50"
Waist:  51"
Hips:  57"
Thigh:  28"
Upper Arm:  13.5"

On July 2nd, 2013:
Weight:  224
BMI:  31.9
Bust:  46.5"
Waist:  43.5"
Hips:  52"
Thigh:  24"
Upper Arm:  12.25"

So on July 2nd (my last measurement) I had lost 3.5" in my bust, 7.5" in my waist, 5" in my hips, 4" in each thigh, and 1.25" in each arm.  My BMI had gone down 5.4 points, and I had lost 36 lbs.  (I am 5' 10" tall).

My mom and I also discussed "Rewards" for our weight loss successes.
At 10 lbs lost I bought a cute dress (not a good idea, it's now way too big...)
20 lbs:  new running shoes (Love them:  New Balance Minimus in raspberry)
30 lbs:  I had to buy some more clothes for the summer
40 lbs:  2 outfits

So I had achieved a small milestone and seemed to be celebrating a bit too much.  The family vacation was followed almost immediately by another vacation, and then again by a road trip for a funeral.  A week and a half ago I found myself realizing I had to renew my excitement and get moving!  I had gained about 3 lbs. after all the vacations and travels, and that was NOT the direction I wanted to go!  It appears I forgot to take measurements in August as well...

I began looking for inspiration in blogland again - and found it!  I've been talking to my husband a lot recently about wanting to feel good enough about my body that I can compete in swimming again.  I hear about people joining Masters Swim, etc and racing for fun.  The idea was percolating...Then I was asked to swim the Parent Relay for our girls' summer swim championships (ok, I probably outright hinted myself into the relay).  I was soooo nervous, but had a blast!  My daughter and her boyfriend dragged me out of the deep end so I wouldn't DQ the team by being in the pool too long, but I had FUN!
(I wish this was me, but it's my oldest child...)

Back to blogland...I came across the blog  I read Meredith's story as well as the inspirational stories by other women out there, and realized:  I can do that!  Not an Ironman, but a sprint triathlon...and I got EXCITED!!!!  I could actually do this event today.  Not very quickly, but I could put all the pieces together and accomplish this seemingly impossible activity.  I said something about it to my oldest daughter, and she said "I'll do it with you!"  When I told her sister, she said she would, too!  So now we've decided that in 2014 we are doing a Sprint Triathlon.  Yesterday in the grocery store I ran into a friend who competes in triathlons and spilled the beans, and she started giving me tips and places to race...yay!
(Not me's my youngest daughter...)

I told my husband that I thought a good reward for losing 50 lbs would be a bike to compete in my triathlon on...

........................and he totally agreed!

Now that I have a motivating goal in place - to complete a Sprint Triathlon in 2014 I have additional weight loss goals in mind.  I would like to lose an additional 40 lbs by race time (to 180 lbs.).  Again, it isn't the end of the world if I don't quite make it, but a triathlon at 180 is better than one at 220!

OK - now you're caught up.  I hope you keep bounding away at what makes you happy!

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