Monday, September 16, 2013


I've already started slacking off in the blogging department!  At least I've been busy exercising and having fun with the family...

So I got you up to speed on how I got to be 260 lbs, and how I lost 40 lbs (41.5 to date).  And I've let you in on a little secret about how I have become a triathlete.  I guess I can call myself a triathlete as I swim several days a week, bike several days a week, and hike several days a week.  As of this morning, my bi-weekly hike now includes a jogging portion.  I jogged almost the entire distance down the grade, minus a couple of really steep parts that I decided I didn't want to slide down on my butt...but the great news?!  I also jogged a few parts going up the grade.  Nothing much and nothing for long, but I jogged in 3 separate sections going UPHILL!  Rylie will be so proud!  Kassidy will probably just shrug and talk about how Austin drove her nuts at school today.  And Rylie's pride will be very short lived - she gets tired of me talking about my weight and exercise...but TOO BAD!  I have to brag to someone!

A shot of Lincoln Grade nearing the top...
 Kassidy and Rylie sleeping in the car - just getting even with them early!

We purchased a boat from the in-laws a couple weeks ago, and have since gone out on it at any available opportunity.  Did you know that holding onto a tube tied behind a boat going 20 mph actually takes muscles?  Raise your hand if you knew that!  Wait, I can't lift my arm, there's muscles in places I forgot existed and they are protesting - seems I had too much fun!  Or maybe Kaylin tried too hard to make me defy gravity while tubing...
My tubing extravaganza!

Kaylin on waterskis
My 20 year anniversary was on August 21st.  My husband asked how I wanted to celebrate, and I made him take me hiking at Mr. Rainier.  We went 5 1/2 miles and climbed about 900 feet to a lookout.  It was really cloudy, so not many views, but we saw mountain goats galore!  I love goats...I wanted to take a longer route back, but Kaylin was too tired and almost to the point of tears, so I relented and went back the shorter way.  I bought myself a celebratory mug to remember the anniversary and hike.  As soon as cold weather hits I'll be using said mug on a daily basis!
Hiking Mt. Rainier for the ol' 20th Anniversary

So I weighed in this morning (weekly weigh-ins and reporting days are Tuesday) at 218.5.  This was great as I have been at about 219-221 for a month and a half...the weight is down 2 lbs from last week, and down 1 lb from my lowest reported weight.  Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I weight once at 217 unofficially, so I still have to get past that point before I will truly feel back on track.

My latest comparison photo...
To help keep my motivation going, I have decided to stage a mini-triathlon on Sunday.  Kass, Ry, and I will swim at the Fitness club for 250 yards, bike for 6 miles through town, ending at the high school track, and jog/walk 1.5 miles.  I plan on doing this several times before the actual Sprint Triathlon we will be completing in July.  And to put my money where my mouth is, I have contacted the Chamber of Commerce in the town the event will take place, and they just put me in touch with the guy in charge.  As soon as they will allow me, I will be registering the three of us!  Kaylin has stated he has no desire to complete the event, but will gladly cheer us on and take plenty of pictures.  Not sure how I feel about that...actually less stressed than I should be!  I'm actually starting to enjoy seeing pictures of myself because I can see progress and know that I am doing what needs to be done to become a healthier, more active person!

A group of people at the Splash and Dash...
Not us, but we'll totally go for a similar pose!

As we only had 2 functional bikes yesterday, and three people plan to do a mini-triathlon on Sunday, I sent Kaylin to Goodwill on his way home from work yesterday.  He diligently went, found a bike that is old, but will be great for us to use, and only cost us $32.49 with tax!

I've been hungrily devouring Meredith Atwood's (Swim Bike Mom) book "Triathlon for the Every Woman" and picking up great tips.  It's also getting me more excited about actually completing my first tri.  In the book Meredith talks about setting three types of goals:  Quick Goals that can be achieved in 1-2 months, a Main Goal that can be achieved in about a year, and a Crazy Goal that you doubt you could ever achieve.  My quick goals are several mini-tri's, followed by some self-imposed Sprint Tri's, then an actual Sprint Tri in July 2014.  My main goal is an Olympic Distance Tri.  This event is a mile swim, 25 miles bike ride, and a 10K.  I think this is a good goal because I can do each of the elements today (as long as the roads are flat and I can walk/jog the 10k) as stand alones, but the thought of stringing them together is a little scary.  I would love to be in a place next August or September to be able to put them together.  That would be an accomplishment I could be proud of and will keep me working all winter to achieve!

I guess I should stop for the day!  I'll try to get better at blogging daily - until next time, keep bounding away at something you love!


  1. I am SOOOOO proud of you!!! I knew you could do it! Now I have to use your inspiration to get me going too. Love you babe.....

  2. Whoa, you're a crazy badass! Now I'm jealous of all your progress! Love you!