Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Coming clean...

So yesterday I said my next post would update you on where I currently am weight wise and my I decided to get that done before I chickened out!

Here goes:
My current weight is 250 lbs.
My height is 5'10"
My measurements are as follows:
Bust - 51"
Waist - 48"
Hips - 56.5"
Upper Arm - 14.25" (avg of both)
Upper Thigh - 27.75" (avg of both)
Wrist - 6.75"
BMI (Mayo) - 35.9

Here are the glamour shots, please don't be too jealous! ;)

So, as you can see, I have a long way to go and a lot of hard work ahead of me, but persevere I will!

Today I re-started the Couch to 5K program with a 30 minute workout, 1.85 miles, 285 calories (5 min warm up walk, 1 min jog, 1.5 min walk x 8, 5 min cool down walk) and yesterday the fam hiked up the grade for 20 minutes, then turned and jogged back down.  Total workout was about 33 minutes and 1.64 miles, 395 calories.

Hope you keep on hoppin!

The Marsupial Maven

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Beginnings...

I find a new year rapidly approaching with a sense of failure.  I've lost most of the progress I gained 2+ years ago.  Rather than continue to hide my head by avoiding my blog, I've decided I need to address things head on!

Not all of the reasons for the weight gain and fitness loss are negative in their entirety.  I just need to finally figure out how to make my health a priority instead of trying to fit it in around my busy life...

So as I mentioned in my last post, a few health/injury events caused initial setbacks.  Then my work schedule changed.  It needed to for my family's financial security, but I've always struggled with stress and put others (read work, followed by family, followed by self) first.  And finally, in August I began teaching full-time again.  I enjoy my job immensely, my only frustration is being able to balance my needs with the needs of work and students and family.  My youngest daughter will be graduating in 6 months and I will have most of my summers free, so I feel that I have an opportunity to balance things and I want a fresh start now!

My family always does a gift exchange for the holidays and when asked what I want, I can only respond "My health and happiness back!"  So I'm taking the break to get some habits established and set some priorities.

I've spent the past few weeks scouring the internet for inspiration, and I finally found that my own posts on this blog are the most inspiring for me.  I know how far I've come before and I know that I can do it again.  I'm scared because I know how much work and determination went into my journey previously, but I'm hoping to capitalize on this self-knowledge to help me this time around.  I know how to eat to be successful, I know that I can take a lot of physical activity and that it makes me proud of myself - and I miss that!

So, without further ado, here are my plans:

* I will photograph my progress as these help me to see how far I have come, and though they may be embarrassing, they also are a way of holding myself accountable
* I will plan my meals with purpose instead of just stuffing whatever happens to be convenient at the time in as well as journal my eating
* I will complete the Couch to 5K plan (got a cool app on the phone), then progress to the 10K plan
* I will hike the grade 1-2 days a week (weather permitting this winter, if not safe, I'll supplement with a walk on the treadmill at a steep incline)
* I will find a way to swim at least one day a week (difficult right now as the pool at the gym is under construction) - I'm having my daughter take me to the gym in the town where I work to help me get started with this one!
* I will register for a race this summer - at least a 5k, but I'd prefer a sprint triathlon...this one will take some investigation!
* I will blog here once a week

I guess since I'm setting goals, I will set some rewards as well!

10 lbs - some new running gear - probably gloves and ear warmer or balaclava
20 lbs - new running shoes
30 lbs - more running gear
40 lbs - wetsuit??
50 lbs - start researching skin removal surgery

My next post will be about where I am currently:
* weight
* measurements
* info on my goal race for the summer

In the meantime, hope things keep hoppin' along!

The Marsupial Maven

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Way too long...

I have started several posts since the last published, but I never quite finished them, and now I find myself back over a year later.  Way too long an absence!  I'll try to quickly summarize for you:

Weight:  I got down to 214 for a while, but then ended up at about 219 following an outpatient procedure in November of 2013.  This put me out of commission for a while - I wasn't allowed to walk for about 2 months.  Then I found myself coaching boys swim again until mid-February.  The late nights and long weekends led to more eating out and some weight gain - about 8-10 pounds.  By August I was at 229.  I decided to re-focus at that point, and increased my running, but then mid-August I suffered a foot injury - probably a torn tendon that put me out of commission until very recently.  I am currently in physical therapy for the injury.  The lack of exercise and frustration and coaching girls swim until mid-November caused me to gain more weight putting me at about 244.  I made some commitments with family members about 2 weeks ago and now I am down to 240 and working in the right direction.

Goals:  As I stated previously, I had a goal to complete the Splash and Dash triathlon in Prineville in July 2014.  I am happy to tell you that the whole family, even the nay-sayer Kaylin, competed in the event.  Kaylin and the girls also all won medals for their age divisions!  I finished the course (500 yard swim, 13 mile bike, 4 mile run) in 2:04.49, just a few seconds behind Kassidy!  A cool thing was that I finished with Lew Hollander, actually holding hands with him as we raced across the finish line together!

I'll provide more details later, but I thought I'd get some basic information out there.

Hope you keep on hopping!

The Marsupial Maven!