Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting into the swing of things...

It's been a good week.  I felt like I had work under control as well as my eating and exercise and got many tasks accomplished around the house as well!  I'm feeling tired in a very good way.  I also saw some downward movement of the scale in the past few days, so I'm calling this week a success!

Some stats:
Average daily calories:  1306 cal.
Average daily exercise calories burned:  166 cal.
Mileage: Tue: 1.66; Thurs: 1.66; Sat: 1.72 miles
Minutes: Tue: 31:39; Th: 28:05; Sat: 34:51
Weight: At one point my weight this week was as low as 248.8

I followed the Couch to 5K plan (week 3) for three days this week.  I'm counting today's exercise toward next week, so I didn't figure that in my daily average.  I didn't add in any other activities, but plan to do so this week.  I also journaled every day at Myfitnesspal.

As far as tasks around the house, I set up an exercise area in the spare room/craft room/home office.

This had been extremely beneficial!  Ry and I have both been working out in this space regularly.  It feels great to have a space dedicated to this and we're outfitting it to work for us!  I also just joined BitGym for working out on the treadmill during the winter when I can't get outside.  It really helps!

In addition, Ry and I discovered that Biggest Loser just started up again, so of course we've got to keep up with that to help motivate us!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and can keep on hoppin!

The Marsupial Mavin

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