Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feeling Low...

So I weighed in after just short of 30 days on the Whole30 plan.  I plan to continue with the plan, but as I only have one more day, figured I would check in for the blog.  I also took measurements and pictures.

So how was the Whole30 plan, you may ask?  I feel really good about my food choices, with the exception of eating too many bacon, egg, hashbrown breakfasts for any and all meals.  I also drank more grape juice than I should have.

So my goal for the next 30 days is to continue for the most part as I have been with the changes noted above, but I may allow myself a small taste of something here or there.  For example, I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, so that won't be totally outlawed.  I'm am however, frustrated by the weight loss.  As of this morning the scale only shows a loss of 4.2 lbs.  Based on how my pants are getting extremely loose, I expected to see more than that.  I'm trying really hard not to feel too disheartened.  I need to focus on the fact that I am below anything I have weighed in the past year:

My measurements didn't perk me up much either:
The only areas there was a change in were my hips, where I lost 1 inch, and my upper thighs, where I lost 1/2 inch.
Not sure if you can tell any difference:

I only jogged twice this week as it was the end of the Couch 2 5k plan.  I jogged for 30 sustained minutes on Thursday and then I started a different training I found on someone's blog to avoid injury, which I will be mixing in with the Couch 2 10k plan to give myself a bit more time to get to the desired distance and time.  Today I walked for 5 minutes, then did four intervals of 8 minutes jogging followed by 2 minutes walking, with a 5 minute cool down.  On paper this looked great, in reality it was something else.  It got pretty crappy outside.  There was a noticeable wind to my back when I started which helped for my first 5 minutes of jogging, but from then on out I was fighting the wind to my side or head on.  It also started pouring at about 10 minutes in along with the wind.  I had a wind breaker on, but it felt like it was a giant sail as I was trying to jog.  I'm not even sure you could call my forward lurching movement much of a jog.  Probably the only good part of my jog today was getting it done!  I managed to go 3.55 miles, which is pretty good.  My first jog was at an 11:49 pace, which is decent, the second was 12:39, the third 13:29, and the fourth 13:48.  It got pathetic fast...

My average caloric intake this week was: 1225 cal
My average exercise burn was (cal/7): 247 cal

I have a mildly stressful week coming up, but plan to use my exercise regime to help me get through it.  I also just found out I have a wedding to plan for the end of May or first of June, so I need to get to fighting weight ASAP...yikes!

I plan to hang in and hope you do, too!

The Marsupial Maven

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  1. Hang in there, Marsupial Maven! You've been doing great work, even if the scale doesn't show it. Your metabolism might be fighting your new habits, but it can't fight forever! You're definitely stronger than it is!