Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sluggish Start...

So I neglected to post last week...mostly because I had to go to bed early because I did something to my back and couldn't move.  I even called in sick to work on Monday : (
As a result, I didn't do any of the Couch 2 5K Training that week trying to recover.  I did weigh in and was at 244, down from the previous weigh in by 2.4 pounds!  My average food calories for that week was 1654.

Last weekend we went to Portland to shop and meet Kass so she wouldn't have to drive all the way home.  We always have to go to Powell's when in Portland - it's tradition!  Anyway, I bought two books while there (I actually bought more than two, I just wanted to share two of what I bought):

I read the majority of Whole30 in the car coming home and started the plan on Monday (2/1/16).  Part of the program is not weighing in until the end.  This has been a struggle all week, but I have refrained from stepping on the scale repeatedly throughout the week.  I will however be posting my measurements as I was supposed to post them last Sunday, but due to the aforementioned back issue, neglected to get the data.  The Whole30 plan hasn't been too much of a struggle, but there have been a few times that I really wanted something sweet (Fro-Yo, perhaps?) or munchy (butter covered popcorn, hmmm?).  Kay helped by suggesting I drink some grape juice for the sweet craving and I had a handful of mixed nuts (no peanuts!) instead of popcorn.  I'm feeling really positive and know that I will at least lose some weight over the next month.  I just hope it's like 10 pounds...may be wishful thinking?!
As for the other book...I made plans with Kindra and the girls to do a half marathon in August.  Yikes!  So I plan to finish the Couch 2 5K, go into the Couch 2 10K, then go into the half-marathon training plan found in the book below.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how the week went:
Average food calories: 1350

Average exercise calories(over 7 days): 88/day (exact amounts below)

I picked up where I left off on Couch 2 5K on Friday, and did day 2 of week 6 this morning.  I plan to do day 3 tomorrow after work.  I am off work on Tuesday and Wednesday for doctor's appointments, so I plan to do day 1 and 2 of week 7 then, and I'll be back on track (minus the week off)!

Distance - 2.14 miles
135 strides/min
Calories - 602
Time - 31.53

Distance - 2.36 miles
141 strides/min
Calories - 633
Time - 34.38

12/23/15                                                 2/7/16                         Difference:
Upper Thigh: 28"                                   28"                              No change
Upper Arm: 14.25"                                12.5"                           - 1.75"
Hips: 56.5"                                             55"                             - 1.5"
Waist: 48"                                              44"                             - 4"
Bust: 51"                                                47"                             - 4"
December 23, 2015

February 7, 2016

Isn't that outfit extremely flattering!  All in all I'm feeling really positive and proud of myself.  I also thought I'd share that during my runs when I'm feeling that it' a struggle, I tell myself out loud that I'm proud of myself.  It seems to help me stay motivated because a big reason for exercising to lose weight is that I want to feel proud of myself instead of disappointment.

Until next week,
Keep on hopping!
The Marsupial Maven

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